From the recording Madhouse Drive


Shake off your prayer shawl, mama, good times are at hand,
Let’s give these blues a rockin’ reprimand.
If the sky falls this evening, if the planets collide,
That still ain’t no argument to stay inside.

I got a groove jones lately, hope you feel the same.
To much still life inside of too much frame.
You be my Bonnie, I will be your Clyde,
Come on, the motor’s running and your shoes ain’t tied.

CHORUS I’m rockin’ tonight.
Come along, I do invite ya, baby,
I’m rockin’ tonight,
Rock along until you see the light.

On a full moon, mama, everybody knows,
The proper wolfman go no mind to doze.
I ain’t no gypsy but I sure ain’t wrong,
I predict they’re gonna play our song.

You hear the band van scapin’ up against the curb,
We’re takin’ down that sign that say Do Not Disturb.
Smokey’s on the jukebox, Pickett is too,
You think that ain’t soul food, you ain’t got a clue.

CHORUS I’m rockin’ tonight…

It’s after midnight, mama, the walls are drippin’ sweat.
I’m here to say we ain’t but started yet.
The band is shiftin’ up into the Zone.
The next heartbeat you hear will be your own.

We’ll get some sleep come sunrise, ask me if I care.
Our only clock is when they pop that snare.
Can’t hang around and bang the drum all day.
So bang it now and we can shake the clay.

CHORUS I’’m rockin’ tonight…

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