Hometown.  Our roots. Where we really come from. Music that matters.  For us, that means celebrating the authentic heart of rock and roll, R&B and Americana infused with our own style.  We make original music that has been stewing and simmering for a while.  Oh yea, and some occasional covers of songs...the ones we believe don't get the cred they deserve.  Stripped down, but not simplistic.  We hope you like it.


Jon Ervin - Guitar, lead vocals.  Musicologist, anti-technologist, composer extraordinaire.

Matt Tomasino -  Drums, vocals. Actor, writer, massage therapist, supplier of witticisms.

Jeff Schmoyer -  Bass.  Sciencey stuff, strange knowledge of smell & taste. 

Ed Yoo -  Keys, vocals. Savior of worker's rights.

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